...Whoever loves is a child of God and knows God.

The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) funds the yearly needs of our diocese. It supports the work of our parishes and, wherever possible, expands the mission of the Church. Forty priests (7 religious and 33 diocesan) and 18 deacons serve our 57 parishes and 38 missions. Though retired, many of our 23 senior status priests continue to serve generously. ACA funds are crucial for priest retirement needs, new deacon formation, and education costs for our 12 seminarians. The ACA supports formation and catechesis in Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Campus Ministry, Family Life, Catholic Formation, and Catholic Education. Teaching and strengthening the Faith is essential to lifelong learning and continual conversion to the Gospel. From ministry to prisoners in Montana to the remote Guatemala Mission and School, ACA funds help serve the marginalized and impoverished. As donors, we actively participate in these ministries and works of mercy that bolster parish life but extend to the fringes of society and the depths of human experience. 

This year’s Annual Catholic Appeal, Encountering Love, touches on the very essence of our Faith, our mission as disciples, and all that the Lord gives us. We encounter Christ’s Love in the gift of the Holy Mass, the Sacraments, and the people who are near and dear to our lives. The world encounters His love when we, through Grace, are kind, forthright, and committed to Christ in all that we do. 

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ACA 2023 Funding Allocations
Relief & Hope
Pastoral & Ministerial Formation & Support
Catholic Education & Faith Formation
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