Gifts were given to the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal in honor or in memory of…

Adam and Ellie Gross, Tim Nugent, Ken Schweigert
Adam and Elsie Gross
Adult children that need to return to church
Agnes Leys
Alan Lloyd Sr and Richard Chesloch
Albert and Clara Schmitz
Albert and Nona Lukin
Albert E Blair
Albert Moerkerke
Albert, Rose, Steve, Roger and Carl Herrera
Alice C Brown
All Christians
All Cody Children
All Faithful Priests
All lost to Covid and their families
All My Family
All Soldiers
All those who have died from Covid
All those who have lost the battle w/Addiction; alcoholism and mental illness
All who have past away this year!
Allen Hanson, Mary Ellen, Wm Skillen, Gary Carmond
Amelia M Konen
Andrade and Saari Family
Andres and Rose Romero
Andrew and Elaine Kujawa
Andrew Gray
Andros Family
Andy and Vinky Gros Tonkovich, Jurick, Shannon, Sather Tyree Groo
Angela Dwyer and Mary Ester Dwyer
Anita Glenn
Ann and John Fay
Ann and John Harrington
Ann Mitchell
Ann Stark
Ann Turner
Anne and Paul Thurmond
Anne, George and Ed Stergar
Annie Houtchens
Anyone who needs it!
ArchBishop Raymond “Dutch” Hunthausen and Fr Jack Hunthausen
Art and Evelyn LaBrie, Vic and Florence Karerels, Irene Millin
Art Mills
Art, Pat, David, LeeAnne Jersey
Arthur Tomsheck
Audie Bennett
August and Tillie Zarr, Henry and Sara Smith
Aunt Ruth
Austin Peterson
Avery Lair
Axel Carlson – Richart Wolleat and Family
Baby Jesus
Barbara Ann Benderob
Barbara Pilcher
Barbara Vautrot Family
Barbara Young, Rob Hagor
Barry Hawbaker
Bea Swan
Ben Cordell
Bennett and Tabaracci Families
Bernard and France Crummy, Stephen Whalen, Walter Crummy
Bernard H Kreutzer, Jr
Bernard William Parker
Bessler Family
Beth Hohn and Brian Hohn
Bette O’Brien
Betty and Art Lewis
Betty and Mike Steiner
Beverly and Ronald Plamondon
Beverly Sorensen
Bill and Eda Maki
Bill and Florence Stetzner
Bill and Peg Wagner, Art and Elly Johnson
Bill Maddock
Bill Pond
Blackfeet People
Blessed Trinity Staff
Blessing of our adopted children
Bo Goodell
Bob Adams
Bob and Mary Sax, Robert and Gretchen Nalgeli
Bob and Violet Coleman
Bob Burns, David Burns
Bob Dent
Bob Hauck
Bob Stone
Bob Ungaretti
Bob Zadick
Both of my Parents
Both sets of parents, brother and sisters
Brent Gaines
Britney Bennetts, Hazel Lair
Brooke McCabe
Bruce A Thomas
Bruce and Martha Smillie
Bruce Gorman
Bruce Thomas
Brueggeman and Basler Families
Buckhouse, Blackman, Charlson Families
Bud Anderson 
Buzzos Family
Callaghan Family
Calvin Tuscher
Carol and Stan Presnall, Ruth and Floyd Hendrickson
Carolann Safiran and Holly Haugen
Carter Maccock, Don and Louis DeMayo Familes
Casey Duval
Cash Gray, All Souls, Francis E Bullchild Sr and Jr
Catherine A Petek
Catherine Cwikla
Catherine Menghini
Catholic School Educators
Cathy Peoples, Mairissa Peoples
Ceil Kambich
Chadwick and Frances Morin and Clarence and Ruth Weber
Charles Amestoy Family
Charles and Gladys Sampson, Joseph and Anna Solf
Charles and Mary Wilson
Charles Rupert, Matt and Jean Lorang
Charles Slyker 
Charlie and Kay Kimmet
Charlie and Kay Kimmet, Gret Kimmet
Charotte Stark
Children and Grandchildren 
Chiyoka Ann McAtee
Chris M and Louise Busch, Joseph and Emma Charvat
Chrisian M Schmidt
Christopher Emmons
Christopher Harvey
Clarence and Vernetta Kommers
Cleola, Talmadge, Otis Walker, Susie and Philip Gallagher
Clfford (Skip) Treinen
Cliff Christian
Coary Rausch and Kevin Holt
Connie Leahy
Crowley, Combo, Daly and Williams Families
Dad and Brother and two Uncles
Dainiel Groth
Dale and Helena Strodtman, Edward Royer
Dan Corr Family
Danette Kane
Daniel E Hastings
Daniel Edward Bakken
Daniel J O’Neill, DDS
Danielle and Lena Lucier and Sons
Danny Antila
Darrell R Kipp
Daughters Bernadette and Catherine, their Husbands and our Grandchildren
Dave Roos, Elane and Robert McVay
David James McDonough
David Johnson
David Kominsky
David Sward and Robert Tabaracci
Deacon Carlton Quamme
Deacon Mark Zenner
Deacon Ron Butler
Deacon Wes Vert
Dead of Our Lady of Mercy – Eureka
Dean Byrne, Liz Hill
Deceased Balkovetz Family
Deceased Family Members
Deceased Hogan Family Members
Deceased Members of Gilmore Family
Deceased Members of Harrington Family
Deceased Members of Mulcahy and Kennedy Families
Deceased Members of the Disk Family
Deceased Parents
Deceased Relatives and Friends
Dennis Wright
Devlin Family
Dewey Campbell
Dewey Nygaard
Diane O’Brien
Dick and Edna Dunning
Dick Juvik
Dick Thomas, Rick Thomas
Dick, Jack, Dan and Lin Thomas
Dolores Axtman
Dolores Barsanti
Don Shaw
Don Topp
Don Topp and Calvin Augare
Donald and