Gifts were given to the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal in honor or in memory of…

Adam and Ellie Gross, Tim Nugent, Ken Schweigert
Adam and Elsie Gross
Adult children that need to return to church
Agnes Leys
Alan Lloyd Sr and Richard Chesloch
Albert and Clara Schmitz
Albert and Nona Lukin
Albert E Blair
Albert Moerkerke
Albert, Rose, Steve, Roger and Carl Herrera
Alice C Brown
All Christians
All Cody Children
All Faithful Priests
All lost to Covid and their families
All My Family
All Soldiers
All those who have died from Covid
All those who have lost the battle w/Addiction; alcoholism and mental illness
All who have past away this year!
Allen Hanson, Mary Ellen, Wm Skillen, Gary Carmond
Amelia M Konen
Andrade and Saari Family