Give a Gift Online
If you would like to make a one time donation, pledged gift or recurring gift online, you can do so with a simple and secure credit or debit card transaction at our Online Giving page.

Give a Gift of Stock
If you would like to make a donation of appreciated stock you can do so through our DA Davidson account with these Stock Transfer Instructions. It is possible to benefit your parish at the same time. We can split the gift! Indicate the amounts and designations of the stock proceeds and we’ll send the proceeds that are to benefit your parish directly to the parish you indicate in the instructions and contribute the other designated funds to the Annual Catholic Appeal.

Contact Your Local Parish
You can pick up an envelope at your local parish. Due to Covid 19 restrictions gift envelopes are available in the parish office only. To find contact information for your parish, try our online Parishes & Missions listing.

Contact Stewardship Services
Glenda Seipp, Director
Stewardship & Annual Giving Services
Phone: 406-389-7062