What is the difference between the Annual Catholic Appeal and a capital campaign?
The Annual Catholic Appeal is an annual appeal to provide yearly operational support for a wide array of Church ministries and programs. A capital campaign raises funds over a three to five-year redemption period to provide a source of long-term funding support for the diocese and parishes.

Why did I receive a pledge reminder?
A pledge reminder is sent so that you will know the amount currently due, based on the original payment and schedule you chose when you made your pledge. It is possible for you to receive a pledge reminder only one time per year if you selected the option for an annual payment.

My situation has changed. Can I cancel my pledge?
A pledge is not a legally binding agreement. We understand that your circumstances may have changed. You may cancel your pledge by contacting Glenda at 406-389-7062.

When are charitable gift statements available?
Charitable gift statements for gifts to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Helena and The Foundation for the Diocese of Helena are sent on or before January 31. It is possible that you will receive your statement from the Foundation before you receive your Diocese of Helena statement.

Can I put my diocesan donation in my parish offertory basket?
You may place your diocesan donation for the Annual Catholic Appeal in your parish offertory basket provided you have it identified as a gift to the diocese. A remittance envelope is always included with your pledge reminder statement. Please use it to accurately identify the recipient of your gift.

Can I make my gift online?
Gifts to the Annual Catholic Appeal can be made online. click HERE for online giving.

What is a recurring gift?
A recurring gift has no end date. When you choose to give a monthly amount by credit card or direct debit that gift will continue each month or semi-annually until you instruct us to increase, decrease or cancel the recurring gift. To change a recurring gift please contact Glenda 406-389-7062 or Julie 406-389-7060.

Can I make my gift recurring?
You may indicate your willingness to give a recurring gift by checking the recurring gift box on your gift form or gift envelope. Recurring gifts by credit card will need to be set up through online giving so that we may capture your credit card information. It will then be encrypted for security purposes. Recurring gifts by bank debit may be set up online or by including a voided check with your gift form. If you need further information about r