A Letter From Bishop Vetter

Greetings to you!

When I arrived in our beautiful diocese on November 20, 2019, we had five seminarians. As time has gone by, we find ourselves gifted with one of the largest seminarian classes in decades with 15 young men in formation for the priesthood. With many of our priests nearing retirement age, it’s truly a gift that these young men are inspired by Christ to say “yes” to His call in their lives. We need good priests and I know they are here growing up in faithful and caring families in our own diocese.

I write to you to ask two things of you:  First, I ask that you, and your family, to please pray daily the prayer on the card for vocations to the priesthood found on this web page.  Our prayers absolutely do make a difference.

Second, with 15 seminarians, we face a new challenge. It will cost just over $700,000 for their formation and education just for one year. A generous couple committed $240,000 a year as a matching gift to help us begin fundraising.  I am touched and so very grateful for their generosity and I ask that you take some time to prayerfully join them in insuring we have priests to serve our families for years to come.  Please prayerfully consider giving something.

St. Joseph, please pray for us.

In Christ, I am

Most Reverend Austin A. Vetter
Bishop of Helena
September 3, 2021

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