Personnel and Benefits
Human Resource Services provides direction for the lay employees working for the parishes, institutions and offices of the Diocese of Helena, including the diocesan offices. The director provides personnel coordination for all supervisors (pastors, administrators, principals, diocesan directors) and the Bishop for lay employees; additionally, the director assists parishes, institutions and diocesan offices with hiring, firing and training, reviews, job descriptions and proposed salaries, and administers benefits.

Human Resource Services is responsible for administering all wellness, providing resources and promoting wellness opportunities at all sites throughout the diocese.

Safety and VIRTUS
Human Resource Services is responsible for administering safety programs, providing resources for safety education throughout the diocese, and serves as a resource in the area of safety.

This includes tracking education in Safe Environment for Children & Young People as mandated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. This includes VIRTUS training, background checks and compliance reporting.

 Fawaz, Carmae
Human Resource Services 
Safe Environment
406-389-7070 (direct)

Administrative Assistant
Virtus Coordinator