La Asunción School

Guatemala Mission – La Asunción School

Education has been a strong point of the mission throughout its years of operation. Under the direction of Father Jim Hazelton, a combination junior-senior high school was opened in 1996 in Xejuyup, a small community three miles north of Santo Tomas. La Asunción or the Institute, as the school is called, enrolls approximately 400-500 students, with many of the students receiving some kind of financial aid or scholarship.

Guatemalan school system

In the Guatemalan school system, the two levels of the school are called basico and magisterio, each having three levels. Graduates can continue their education to become teachers. Some also acquire skills which would allow them to serve in other trades. The school year extends from January through October.

Student Sponsorship

The majority of students are from small villages on the Boca Costa, many of them lengthy journeys away (especially when one is walking). La Asunción provides boarding facilities for a number of students each year.The valuable education students receive at La Asunción helps stop the cycle of poverty and provides a solid foundation for community development. Your donation to La Asunción School will enable the school to continue to educate the poor and marginalized in the Mission territory.

You can sponsor one or more of the students at La Asunción School. A student sponsorship assists the overall operation of the School and provides scholarship assistance for students who are not able to afford the tuition. Your donation will make a tremendous impact in the lives of these young people. If requested, the Stewardship Office will be in touch with you regarding setting up a monthly, bi-annual, or annual payment plan for your student.

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For more information, please contact the Pastoral Office at1-800-584-8914 or 406-442-5820 (in Montana).