Can. 492 §1. In every diocese a Finance council is to be established, over which the diocesan bishop himself or his delegate presides and which consists of at least three members of the Christian faithful truly expert in Financial affairs and civil law, outstanding in integrity, and appointed by the bishop. 

Council members are appointed by the bishop to serve for five years, at the end of which they may be appointed for other five-year terms. The council meets at least quarterly to discuss Diocesan planning, prepare budgets and to examine and account for revenue and expenses. 

Most Rev. Austin A. Vetter

Bishop of Helena

Carney, Jim

Director, Diocesan Financial Services
Term Exp. 2028

Ahmann, Rick

Real Estate Broker, Ahmann Brothers Real Estate
Term Exp. 2027

Cosgrove, Terry

Of Counsel, Jackson, Murdo & Grant, Attorneys
Chair of Diocesan Finance Council
Term Exp. 2025

Goodwin, Annie

Principal Attorney, Goodwin Law Office/Registered Nurse
Term Exp. 2025

Harball, Dcn. Charles

Permanent Deacon; Retired Attorney
Term exp. 2028

Johnson, Peter

President/CEO, Opportunity Bank of Montana (now retired)
Term Exp. 2025

O’Neill, Msgr. Kevin

Vicar General; Pastor/Rector of Cathedral of St. Helena
Term Exp. N/A

Roberts, David

Retired investment Advisor, Wells Fargo Bank
Term Exp. 2026

Roberts, Sarah

Term Exp. 2028

Robertson, Father John

Senior Status Priest; Judicial Vicar
Term exp. 2025