De La Salle Blackfeet School

204 1st Ave NW #1489
Browning, MT 59417

President: Brother Dale Mooney
Principal: Michael J. O’Brien
Phone: 406-338-5290

Faculty: Religious, 2; Lay, 13
Enrollment: 70 (Grades 4-8)

De La Salle is a Lasallian San Miguel school, operated by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, for boys and girls who live on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. The school is open to all faiths and cultures, is not tuition driven, and serves a predominantly at-risk population.

DLSB is dedicated to creating an environment that recognizes the reality of God’s living presence and nurtures the dignity of each student within a supportive community of teachers, parents, and guardians. Among our staff we include seven volunteer full time teachers, three of whom are from the Lasallian Volunteers Network.

DLSB is the 13th of 17 San Miguel schools in the US. It is the first one in a rural area as well as the first serving primarily the Native American population.

Butte Central Elementary

100 Delaware
Butte, MT 59701

Principal: DawnAnn Peterson
Phone: 406-782-6761

Faculty: K-8: religious, 1; lay, 20
Enrollment: 242

Committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Butte Central Catholic Elementary School provides an environment conducive to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of each student; strives for a Catholic community based on the Gospel values of Jesus; invites and challenges students to develop their talents, appreciate their gifts of life, and serve one another through prayer, support, and action.

St. Andrew Catholic School

1900 Floweree St.
Helena, MT 59601

Principal: Mr. Doug Tooke
Phone: 406-449-3201

Faculty: Religious -1, Lay, 28
Enrollment: 213 (Grades K-12)

stAndrewSchool Large

St. Andrew School provides a classical education built on Catholic faith, academic excellence, and community. St. Andrew School strives to teach students how to think rather than merely what to think. Our goal is to form within students a “sacramental imagination” that leads them to the Truth in wonder, humility, and deep respect for humanity, created in the image and likeness of God.

While not all students are Catholic, everyone fully participates in and supports the Catholic curriculum taught as well as scheduled chapel events. Everyone at St. Andrew is encouraged to embrace classical learning at school and at home. A love of classical literature is nurtured in homes where quality content is readily available and reading is a natural part of family life. Parents are their child’s first and primary educator, and support teacher efforts.

St. Andrew School is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA).

St. Joseph Catholic School

503 Edith Street
Missoula, MT 59801

Principal: Christina Vierra McGill
Phone: 406-549-1290

Faculty and Staff: Lay, 28 
Enrollment: 352 

Accredited: WCEA (Western Catholic Educational Association)
St. Joseph Catholic School is part of Missoula Catholic Schools. MCS is committed to the formation of young men and women of compassion, conscience, competence, and community.

St. Joseph Catholic School strives to be a faith community as well as an academic one. Our dedicated and dynamic faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the tools with which all students can reach full maturity as caring, intelligent, and faith-filled individuals, ready to meet the challenges of vocation and life-long learning with vision and responsibility.

St. Matthew Elementary

602 South Main Street
Kalispell, MT 59901

Principal: Dr. Susanne Jennifer Peterson
Phone: 406-752-6303

Faculty: Religious, 1; Lay, 25
Enrollment: 171

St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School is a parish school that celebrates Gospel values by teaching respect, stewardship and affirmation of others. With a structured and varied curriculum, each student is challenged to achieve his or her maximum potential.