Sharon Witham

Sharon Witham

Director of Stewardship

I recently attended a showing of the Angel Studios movie Cabrini, based on the inspiring true story of our first American Saint, Frances Xavier Cabrini. As she struggles to build an Empire of Hope through serving poor immigrants, the Pope asks her how she will fund her endeavors. Her reply is simple: “Begin the mission, and the means will come.” Her reply is an incredible statement of faith, given the time she lived in and the missions she planned. It is not unlike our own works here in Montana. Every year, our Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) seeks to fund a variety of crucial ministries across our Diocese that require ongoing support: education for our outstanding seminarians as their numbers continue to grow, faith formation for our young people who give witness in a culture hungering for Christ, and retirement for our priests who have dedicated a lifetime to serving the people of God.

Every year, we ask the faithful to support their parish, their diocese, and its missions with the ACA, putting our trust in the Lord so that he would stir hearts to step forward to meet these needs. The outpouring of generosity consistently humbles me as so many open their hearts and wallets, knowing their gifts are a vital part of the mission of the Church.

If you have not yet given to our Annual Catholic Appeal, I ask you to prayerfully consider an offering to support your Church and further the teachings of Jesus Christ. As St. Cabrini continued her works on faith that the means would come, so must we. Our Guatemala mission and medical clinic must stay equipped, our schools must remain open, and the essential work of our parishes and offices must continue. Our mission is clear, and the work has begun. The means are up to all of us.

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