Areas where no change is recommended at this time:


Areas where some change is envisioned if it becomes necessary:


Long range:

Vision: There is a desire to provide ministry in areas of growth in Missoula where there is currently no parish to serve.

Action: Study the location of Blessed Trinity Parish in relationship to the population growth in Missoula to determine the best placement for this parish. As need dictates and it is financially feasible, begin the process of locating and procuring land and relocating the parish community in the area where the Missoula population is growing and there is no Catholic Church currently to serve. The Diocese would need to redraw Missoula parish boundaries to reflect the potential “new” site. Spirit of Christ in Lolo continues as a mission of Blessed Trinity Parish.

Some next steps:

Mission Ministry Team


All sites in this Deanery and throughout the Diocese will be part of a yearly, ongoing process to study their sustainability. Some of the aspects of this study will include an annual look at Parish Mass attendance, annual offertory income, debt retirement (if any), parish plant maintenance, and parish and diocesan financial obligations met. It will also consider parish vitality and engagement. This study will be completed each year and any adjustments needed to the plan will follow.

Some considerations: