The For Youth By Youth Scholarship (FYBY) was created in partnership between the Catholic Youth Coalition (CYC) Board and the Diocese of Helena Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (OYYAM) to nurture and foster a community of believers with equal access to OYYAM event opportunities. The fund was established and continues to be funded through the generous stewardship of both youth and adults in the Diocese of Helena. Funds are meant to be dispersed on a need-basis to assist young people with expenses associated with participating in OYYAM events and activities.

Award Criteria:

  1. Active participant in a Catholic parish, school, or ministry in the Diocese of Helena
  2. Active in any grade 1st – 12th (preference is given to those in 6th-12th grade)
  3. Declared need

Catholic Parish or School Participation:

OYYAM events are meant to complement, enhance, and affirm what youth experience in their local faith community.

OYYAM is committed to partnering with local parishes and Catholic schools to fulfill the USCCB’s goal to “draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community.” Only through active participation in a local faith community (parish) will youth be able to participate responsibly and fully in the Catholic faith.

Local parishes and Catholic schools share the responsibility of supporting youth in their faith, including providing financial assistance, spiritual guidance, chaperone/safe environment responsibilities, etc. The For Youth By Youth Scholarship will provide up to 50% of the cost of an event. We encourage the youth’s local parish to also contribute to the cost of their youth’s participation, especially for those in need.


Deadline: All application materials must be received at least two weeks prior to the event.
Award Limit: The maximum award for any single scholarship will be 50% of the cost of participation (registration fee) of the event.
Questions: If you have any questions about the application process, contact Kevin Molm at 406.207.1660 or

Submit Application Online (This is preferred!)

In extenuating circumstances, you may submit a paper application via mail to the address below. All materials must be received at least 2 weeks before the event; incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.

Diocese of Helena – OYYAM
Attn: FYBY Scholarship Application
P.O. Box 1729
Helena, MT 59624