Bishop Austin Vetter returned from Rome this week after his first visit Ad Limina Apostolorum, “To the Threshold of the Apostles”. On February 3rd, he, and the other Bishops of Region XII (which includes Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska) met with the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and presented the quinquennial (five-years) report on the status of the Diocese.

Additionally, the Bishops and Archbishops made pilgrimage to the four major Basilicas in Rome, and went on retreat together. When meeting Pope Francis, Bishop Vetter said:

“Pope Francis told me, ‘You’re so young’ and I said, ‘That’s your fault. You picked me.’ He laughed and we just had a wonderful conversation. You can see it in some of the photos, he was even more excited to see me than I was to meet him!”

To listen to Bishop Vetter share the details and his own reflections on his Ad Limina visit, check out his Video Message HERE