Witness to Stewardship as a Way of Life

Maybe it’s your worst nightmare. Maybe it’s your most closely-held held dream. You have been asked to speak in your parish about stewardship. What will you say? Where do you start?

The outline below touches on the basics in presenting stewardship.
Find the full document at Stewardship Speaking Guideline (PDF)

Important Points to Make

1. Define stewardship as a way of life

2. Affirm that your audience members are already good stewards

3. Challenge the audience to live stewardship daily in all facets of life

Stewardship Themes

What do we mean by “stewardship”?

Our Giftedness

Gratitude, Responsibility, Generosity and Accountability

Obstacles to Stewardship as a Way of Life

Time, Talent and Treasure

Getting Ready

1. Know your audience

2. Know your topic

3. Structure your speech

4. Be mentally prepared

5. Account for the physical environment

*With thanks to the Diocese of Orange, California and to Renée St. Martin-Wizeman, Diocese of Helena.

For additional resources or assistance, contact:

Stewardship Services Director
Glenda Seipp