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Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA)
The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) has a long history in the Diocese of raising funds
to support various ministries promoted by the bishop.
It provides approximately one third of the overall budget for the diocese. The ACA
was formerly known as the Diocesan Offertory Program, or DOP. Donate Online



PRA SSHOTPriests’ Retirement Appeal
Over their lifetimes of ministry, our priests have celebrated the signs of the sacred with us. They have proclaimed the Gospel to us. And our priests pray, always, for us. Now we have an opportunity to assist them. The Priests’ Retirement Appeal helps
our priests live with dignity during retirement. Donate Online



SEM Appeal Logo whtSeminarian Formation Appeal
“The priest gives his life back to the family that first introduced him to life in Christ.” Fr. Marc Lenneman – Vocations director for the Diocese of Helena. Support the priestly formation of our seminarians, invest in the future of our diocese. Donate Online