Benefits of Fertility Awareness

  1. Communication in the life of the couple is enhanced, because practicing fertility awareness makes for the frequent opportunity to discuss many things of great importance: children, intentions, sexuality, intimacy needs, etc.
  2. Fertility Awareness is healthier than hormonal contraception. There is no addition of chemicals or hormones to the body and none of the side effects that contraceptive drugs cause.
  3. Fertility Awareness is more ecological. Scientists are seeing an alarming increase in estrogen in certain water systems from the use of the pill.
  4. There is a lower divorce rate among couples who practice Fertility Awareness. Only 2 to 5% of couples who practice Fertility Awareness get a divorce. The average divorce rate in America is 40 to 50%.
  5. Fertility Awareness provides the couple, especially the woman, with the education to know their bodies, and this in turn may help them detect certain personal health issues that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.
  6. Fertility Awareness brings an opportunity for evangelization and ecumenism. Sometimes couples seek fertility awareness simply because it is natural, while at the same time not necessarily ascribing to all of the theology which undergirds its use by Catholics. It is, therefore, an opportunity to come together and share, and to even propose the fullness of the gospel.