Good Samaritan Ministries

Good Samaritan Ministries serves the greater Helena area as a social justice outreach of the Diocese of Helena and the Cathedral of St. Helena, St. Mary Parish, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish and Our Lady of the Valley Parish.

Ministries include the Good Samaritan Thrift Store, Vocational Rehab/Job Training, Assistance Ministry and Volunteer Opportunities.

The Mission of Good Samaritan Ministries draws from Catholic Social Justice Tenants and includes:

1) Dignity of the Human Person
2) Common Good and Community
3) Option for the Poor
4) Rights and Responsibilities
5) Role of Government and Subsidiarity
6) Economic Justice
7) Stewardship of God’s Creation
8) Promotion of Peace and Disarmament
9) Participation
10) Global Solidarity and Development

Executive Director:
Theresa Ortega
Phone: 442-0780
Fax: 449-0866

Human Resources:
Chelsey Halstead
Phone: 442-0780
Fax: 449-0866

3067 N. Montana Ave.
Helena, MT 59601

Assistance Ministries:
Corbin Bruursema
Phone: 442-0780
Fax: 449-0866