Foundation for the Diocese of Helena


“The Foundation for the Diocese of Helena is an independent, not-for-profit, 501c(3) corporation whose purpose is to promote, expand and strengthen the long-term financial viability of the Diocese of Helena. The Foundation serves as a conduit for individuals and organizations to support the ministries and programs of the Bishop of Helena. The Foundation accomplishes this through outreach; responsible financial stewardship of endowed and unrestricted funds; and support of projects as prioritized by the Board or directed by donors.”

The Foundation exists:

  • To promote, expand and strengthen the Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Helena.
  • To support and assist, financially or in any other manner, the religious, education, charitable and medical institutions or programs operated by or under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Helena.
  • To promote Roman Catholic doctrines, evangelism, Christian education and missionary work within the Diocese of Helena, and help support that work undertaken by the Diocese elsewhere in this nation and world.
  • To assist worthy men and women in pursuit of studies and vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

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