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Resurrection Cemetery Association Catholic Diocese of Helena

Mission Statement and Vision

Montana Catholic Cemeteries’ and Resurrection Cemetery Association’s Mission is to ensure that the deceased are treated in accordance with the Rite of Committal/Burial per the Norms of the Catholic Church and the Order of Christian Funerals.

Montana Catholic Cemeteries’ Vision is to provide the most meaningful places of interment by people of all faiths, traditions, and circumstances. This is accomplished by: living our commitment and dedication to the Rite of Committal and helping gather the Community of the Catholic Church to understand the proclamation that God has created each person for eternal life; by reverently treating the body as a Vessel of the Spirit; by committing our very best effort to the families and communities of the deceased.

Our faithfulness to our mission and vision will create a healthy, self-sustaining ministry in support of the Church.

The Resurrection Cemetery Association (RCA) as part of Montana Catholic Cemeteries is responsible for operating and maintaining cemeteries at several locations in the Diocese of Helena, including:

  • Resurrection Cemetery (Helena) — 3685 North Montana Avenue
  • St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Butte) — South Montana Street
  • Holy Cross Cemetery (Butte) — 4700 Harrison Avenue
  • St. Mary’s Cemetery (Missoula) — 641 Turner Street
  • New St. Mary’s Cemetery (Missoula) — 641 Turner Street

Services Offered
Our staff  provide a variety of products and services that are offered in a manner that is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church and The Order of Christian Funerals. We work closely with families, clergy, and local funeral homes to ensure burials and  services are performed in a professional and spiritual manner. We pay the utmost respect  to the deceased and the family of the departed. Specific services and products we provide include:

  • Full Casket Burial
  • Clergy Coordination
  • Burial Plots
  • Discounted Packages
  • Financing Available for All Situations
  • Family Mausoleums and Small Estates
  • Family Columbaria
  • Cremated Human Remains Ground Burial
  • Memorials (Headstones) Sales and Installation
  • Columbarium Niches for Cremated Human Remains
  • Holy Cross Mausoleum Crypts (BUTTE ONLY)
  • Grave Locator Service
  • Urn and Vault Sales
  • Grave Liners for Full Casket Burials


Memorial Flowers
Resurrection Cemetery, Helena: Give flowers in memory of the Bishops, Priests & Men and Women Religious who served our Diocese throughout their lives.
Donate Memorial Flowers

Lost Little Ones

There is nothing to adequately describe the unbearable sorrow and debilitating pain brought about by the loss of a child. It is perhaps the most devastating experience a family can go through. Very few know how to deal with this numbing loss, and young families are seldom prepared emotionally or financially. We are committed to ensuring all people may be returned back to God in accordance with the Order of Christian Funerals regardless of the family’s financial means. In light of this, we are able to offer plots and some other services at no charge. Our highly dedicated Family Service Advisors are able to assist you with your needs.

We are honored to announce an ongoing fundraising effort entitled “Little Ones Lost” and ask your financial support in assisting us to provide a quiet sanctuary and eternal resting place for those who have left us too soon.

Your contribution is deeply appreciated and goes directly to providing services for families needing assistance with interring and memorializing their children.

Donate to Lost Little Ones

Montana Catholic Cemeteries

Resurrection Cemetery Association
Email: rcaadmin@mtcatholiccemeteries.org

Helena (Resurrection Cemetery)
Mailing Address
Resurrection Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 5029
Helena, Montana 59604

Grounds Manager: John Bibler
Phone: 406-494-3812
Fax: 406-494-2475

Butte (Holy Cross Cemetery and St. Patrick Cemetery)
Mailing Address
Resurrection Cemetery Association
4700 Harrison Avenue
Butte, Montana 59701
Phone: 406-494-3812
Fax: 406-494-2475

Grounds Manager: Kenny Martz
Phone: 406-494-3812
Fax: 406-494-2475

Missoula (St. Mary Cemetery/New St. Mary Cemetery)
Mailing Address
Resurrection Cemetery Association
641 Turner Street
Missoula, Montana 59802
Fax: 406-829-3817

Grounds Manager: Mike Hamlin
Phone: 406-543-7951
Fax: 406-829-3817



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