Mission Statement of the Diocese of Helena

We the people of the Diocese of Helena…

Living at once in the Tradition of Roman Catholicism
Ever ancient, ever new
And the unique heritage of Montana,
Recognize that we are one in faith, spirit and purpose
Though diverse in our roots, gifts, energies and treasures.

We remember our heritage,
Born from the Native Peoples
Who were the first among us to hear the Word of God.
We look for direction, support and leadership from our Bishop
In union with the Pope and all the Bishops of our Church.

We are a community…

Through the action of the Holy Spirit in the plan of God, our loving Father,
To embrace the ministry of Jesus through Baptism
In the Church – one, holy, catholic and apostolic,

At the Table of Word and Eucharist,
The living and lasting center around which
The entire community of the Church gathers,

To proclaim the Good News to all who hunger,
To celebrate the life of the Church through the sacraments, and
To exercise the ministry of charity and justice.

That we are invited to participate fully in the life of the Church,
Responding with a burning desire to invite others to encounter the One
Whom we have encountered,

That we are called to transform our lives and the world around us,
Bearing the Light of Christ into places of darkness,
Extending a preferential option for the poor, and

Ourselves to walk faithfully with the living Christ,
Sharing from the abundance that we have received.

Accepted by Bishop George Leo Thomas – February 2, 2007


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