Sony Pictures will release the film, Father Stu, on Good Friday, April 15, 2022.

It’s encouraging that Mark Wahlberg’s passion to make this film is coming to fruition and we appreciate the thoughtful and diligent work of the production team.

Father Stuart Long’s dramatic conversion to Christ before becoming a priest led many people to Christ and the Catholic Faith. His courageous witness left a special legacy in the Diocese of Helena.

Viewers should be warned that the film contains objectionable language, violence, and adult content. However, it’s our hope that the redemptive story of Fr. Stu’s conversion will invite viewers to faith and strengthen believers.

Bishop George Thomas, who ordained Father Stu to the priesthood and Bishop Austin Vetter, the current Bishop of Helena agreed; Father Stu—raw and unfiltered, combative and grace-filled, witnesses to the truth that no one is ever beyond the reach of redemption.

Official Trailer from Sony Pictures Entertainment (Feb. 10) for the film, Father Stu.

EWTN’s Raymond Aroyyo interviews actor/producer Mark Wahlberg about his own faith journey and his motivation for making Father Stu.

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