My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are committed as followers of Jesus to respect life, for the whole of life. That’s what it means to be pro-life. It means that, when seeking the common good, we help expectant mothers and their babies, support marriages and families and care for the elderly who have given so much to us. We reverence life and the dignity of each person from birth to a natural death.

Obviously, the preeminent issue is protecting the unborn. It’s first because without life there are no other issues. We simply can’t seek to ensure the dignity of someone after they’re born if their life was taken before birth. Protecting the life of the unborn must come first.

President Biden’s announcement to remove the Hyde Amendment from his proposed budget needs to be opposed by all people of good will. Removing Hyde means that we, as a nation and as individual taxpayers, will be funding the death of unborn children through taxpayer-funded abortion. Hyde still has broad support from both Democrats and Republicans including a majority of the very people removal claims to serve, low-income women and women of color.

I ask you to join me in contacting our Montana congressman and senators. They need to know that plans to remove the Hyde Amendment are unpopular and unacceptable. We must keep the Hyde Amendment and help ensure that the whole of life is not stolen from unborn children through taxpayer-funded abortion.

In Christ I am,

The Most Reverend Austin A. Vetter
Bishop of Helena

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