Your Catholic Voice at the Capitol, Montana’s Catholic Conference

Matthew Brower, Director, Montana Catholic Conference

Matthew Brower
Director, Montana Catholic Conference

On January 7th, Montana legislators convened in Helena for the beginning of the 66th regular legislative session. Throughout the session, the Montana Catholic Conference (MCC) will once again be deeply engaged at the Capitol striving to bring a Catholic voice to the legislative process. With bills addressing issues of criminal justice reform, religious freedom, poverty, human trafficking, abortion, child welfare, healthcare, the death penalty, immigration related matters and much more, the conference will work diligently urging lawmakers to craft public policies that protect human life and dignity and promote the common good.

Not surprisingly, effectively weaving principles of Catholic social teaching into the lawmaking process can be challenging. However, simply being present to lawmakers through conversations and sharing of testimony during committee hearings offers an opportunity for the Catholic Conference to share the Catholic perspective on issues and the rich tradition of social teaching we’re blessed to be able to draw upon. It serves as a good reminder that the work of the conference really is the work of evangelization and it’s a work to which all Catholics, by virtue of baptism, are called to passionately engage.

Throughout this session, MCC will again be utilizing an electronic advocacy alert network to facilitate political engagement by Catholics around the state. This sophisticated grassroots advocacy tool allows Montana Catholics to join their voices with those of our bishops in promoting policies that aim to safeguard the vulnerable and reflect authentic justice. You can sign up to receive network emails by visiting

The Montana Catholic Conference is meant to serve as a resource on matters of public policy. If you have questions about specific legislation, advocating on specific bills or issues, or questions about the legislative process, please don’t hesitate to contact MCC.

Most importantly, please keep our lawmakers, government officials and the work of the Montana Catholic Conference in your prayers.

For more information about MCC or to join the conference’s Advocacy Alert Network, contact MCC Executive Director, Matt Brower at (406) 442-5761 or