Seminarian Profile: Deacon Nathan Scheidecker

Cody Tredik
Communications Staff

As he prepares to enter into his final semester of seminary, Deacon Nathan “Ned” Scheidecker is polishing the final draft of his thesis on sacral vernacular and the benefits of our current English translation of the liturgy. He took some time out to reflect on his time at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, and look ahead to his upcoming ministry in the Diocese of Helena.

“I’m extremely excited to finish up here, not only to complete my studies, but also to move into the ministry I’ve set out to do,” Scheidecker said.

Scheidecker grew up in Butte where he was active in parish youth ministry and diocesan youth events. He was a camper and then served as a counselor at Legendary Lodge, the diocese-run Catholic summer camp. Although his response came a bit later, Ned first heard the call to the priestly vocation sometime after his freshman year at Carroll College.

“Thinking back, I know that’s when the Lord began tugging on my heart, though honestly I wasn’t paying too much attention. It was in the year just after I graduated from Carroll that my discernment began in earnest, and saw all of the graces he had been working in my life thus far.”

Upon completing seminary studies, including written and oral comprehensive exams, Sheidecker will be on-track to receive the sacrament of Holy Orders this June and become a priest for the diocese. He is excited to begin the service and ministry that he has been preparing for.

“Everything I’ve been doing is for my eventual ministry, and though it’s a little daunting, I’m eager to get to work sharing the message of just how much the Lord loves us, and how much He desires us. Partly due to my thesis work, which is currently fresh on my mind, I’m also very passionate about the Mass and I can’t wait to help people get to know it better.”

Please keep Nathan, and the rest of our seminarians, in your prayers as they continue their studies and formation.