Sheila McShane Retiring as Guatemala Mission Coordinator

Deacon Micheal Seipp
Guatemala Mission Director

Sheila McShane, after 30 years of service to the Guatemala Mission and the Diocese of Helena, has decided to begin a new chapter in life, passing along her responsibilities as the Mission Coordinator. Sheila began work at Clinica Maxeña in 1966 – at its inception – and worked at the clinic until 1983. She returned in 2005 and assumed the role of clinic director in 2006. Sheila continued as the Director of Clinica Maxeña until 2016 and has served as the Mission Coordinator until present day. Sheila is first and foremost an advocate for the people of Santo Tomás la Union and surrounding area. Her concern and dedication for their well-being was widely known. Sheila was also the consummate host for the multitude of groups visiting the mission throughout the years.

We thank Sheila for her tireless work, service, advocacy and dedication to the people of Guatemala.