Mathew Brower, Executive Director
Montana Catholic Conference

Excerpts from February’s March for Life Address:

Ask yourself, “If I knew abortion would remain legal forever, how would I build a culture of life and ensure that no expectant mother think she has no ‘choice’ but abortion?” The point is we must not become constrained by the weight of the laws we seek to change. We are never powerless to act on behalf of human life. But, to do so most effectively our witness must be credible.

Credibility requires consistency so it’s important we consider the degree to which we embrace a “consistent life ethic.” Of this ethic Saint John Paul II said, “Where life is involved, the service of charity must be profoundly consistent. It cannot tolerate bias and discrimination, for human life is sacred and inviolable at every stage and in every situation; it is an indivisible good. We need then to show care for all life and for the life of everyone” (Evangelium Vitae, 87).

Our hearts weep for children killed in the womb and for those who have chosen abortion. But do our hearts weep for the poor? Do our hearts weep for refugees? Do our hearts weep for immigrants brought here as children now fearing deportation? Do our hearts weep for victims of war, racism and abuse? Do our hearts weep for the neglected, drug-addicted, abandoned and lonely?

A heart on fire for life shines in a selfless outpouring of loving deeds directed at life’s dark crevices and it effectuates change in the hearts of those unaccustomed to the joy, hope and love such light brings.

So, let us never weary in our labors for life or allow setbacks to diminish our joy. Be not afraid! And let us ask God to transform our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh so that through us he may do the same for others.

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