Prayer to St. Helena

As we await the appointment of the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Helena, I invite you to join with me in this prayer to St. Helena as, together, we entrust our diocese to the generous providence of our loving God.
Msgr. Kevin O’Neill,
Diocesan Administrator



O great St. Helena, patroness of our diocese,
who for love of Our Lord made pilgrimage to the Holy Land
to mark the sites of His Pascal Mystery, grant, we pray,
that you would intercede to the Father on behalf of our Diocesan Church
as we await the appointment of our next bishop. 
Grant that we will be sent a spiritual shepherd after the Sacred
Heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd who laid down
his life for us, His sheep.
Pray to God that we will be given a
bishop who is faithful and just, holy and wise, loving and zealous.
May he be completely devoted to the Lord and to the service of
the people entrusted to his care, so that the Diocese of Helena may
experience a springtime of growth in holiness and the number of
souls drawn to the Lord through His Church.