Consultative Groups

College of Consultors

The principal advisory group to the Bishop, the College of Consultors provides advice and guidance to the Bishop for all matters of import impacting the diocesan Church.

Monsignor Kevin O’Neill, V.G.; Fathers Patrick Beretta, Brian Bergeron, Roderick Ermatinger, Thomas Haffey, Edward Hislop, Gary Reller, Bart Tolleson, Val Zdilla; Father John Robertson serves as secretary.

Diocesan Building Commission

The Building Commission reviews and approves all building projects – both new and remodeling – and is to be consulted for any changes in the liturgical space in a Church.

Father Edward Hislop; Jim Carney, Monsignor Kevin O’Neill, V.G.; Jock Palmquist; Father Gary Reller; Father John Robertson; Donna Rogne; Marty Schuma, Sister Rita McGinnis.

Historic Preservation Committee

This subcommittee of the Diocesan Building Commission reviews all requests for sale or demolition of Church property.

Ellen Baumler; Sister Dolores Brinkel, SCL; Steve Hamilton; Lorna Johns; Tom O’Connell; Robert Raemacker.

Diocesan Finance Council

The Council advises the Bishop on all aspects of diocesan finances and carries out the roles designated to it by Church law.

Terry Cosgrove; Cathy Givler; Monsignor Joseph Harrington; Pete Johnson; Lori Murphy-Moullet; Dave Roberts; Ron Schafer; Rick Ahmann; Ex-officio: Monsignor Kevin O’Neill, V.G.; Father John Robertson; Sister Rita McGinnis; Jim Carney.

Diocesan Pastoral Council

At the direction of the Bishop, the Diocesan Pastoral Council reviews, plans, and evaluates matters pertaining to the pastoral life and mission of the Diocese of Helena. Bishop Thomas constituted a Diocesan Pastoral Council in the fall of 2005 to assist the diocesan pastoral planning process. Members include priests, deacons, religious, and laity of the diocese.
The Pastoral Council is suspended during the inter-regnum.

Liturgical Commission

The Commission offers consultation regarding liturgical questions and issues. It presents diocesan and local workshops designed to meet the needs of particular parishes and to assist in the implementation of the liturgical rites of the Church.

Father Edward Hislop
1475 Eaton St.
Missoula MT 59801
Phone: 721-2405
Fax: 721-0025


Joseph Beausoleil; Father Brian Bergeron; Vicki Burgmeier; Deacon Jim Butts; Father Jeff Fleming; Sister Mary Agnes Hogan, SCL; Deacon Bernard McCarthy; Terry Orr; Sister Mary Jo Quinn, SCL; Sister Gretchen Wagner, CSJ.
Consultant: Father Michael Driscoll

Presbyteral Council

The Presbyteral Council advises the Bishop on the governance of the diocese, proposes means for effective pastoral ministry, and represents the needs and concerns of the Presbyterate.
The Presbyteral Council is suspended during the inter-regnum.