Drop Off and Sign In
Sunday between 2 & 3 p.m.

Pick Up
Friday at 12 noon

Make sure to reiterate food or other allergies at sign-in even though online registration may have the information.

Bring any camper medications in original prescription or OTC containers.

Mail is handed out daily to campers. You may send mail via a postal service or email, or you can bring it to camp when you drop your camper off.

(Camper Name)
Legendary Lodge
2115 Highway 83 North
Seeley Lake, MT 59868

  • Bring mail to camp: If you are dropping off your camper, it’s a great idea to bring a letter or a package for each day and label them for what days you want them delivered. Our staff will deliver each package on their appropriate day.
  • Postal Service: When sending letters or packages via a Postal Service expect an added day for delivery as we are in a rural area.
  • Email: To email campers use Include camper’s name in the subject line. Limit emails to one per day, per camper. No attachments or e-greeting cards. Please send emails by 10am for same day delivery. Campers can return mail through hand-written letters only.

Young Campers & Homesickness

  • Please remember, counselors are well-trained in the area of homesickness!
  • Pack together and talk about camp as you pack.
  • Make sure this will not be the first time your camper has stayed away from home overnight. Arrange for a sleepover at least once before the camp week.
  • Let your camper know it is okay to miss home, but that does not mean they cannot or will not still have fun.
  • Write your camper often. It is best to mail a letter or postcard the day before your camper leaves, and another on the day they leave for camp.
  • When writing to your camper, do not make reference to how lonely you feel without your camper.
  • Reassure your camper that you will be there to pick them up on the last day of camp.
  • Make your goodbyes at drop off short and sweet, encourage your camper to get involved with any of the fun activities taking place during drop off.


Tips from Parents

  • “Pack an entire outfit for each day in individual plastic bags, labeled with the day. It makes getting ready easy on your camper and on their counselor!”
  • “Label everything!”
  • “Send clothes that can get really dirty, it’s camp!”
  • “Pack with your camper so they know exactly what needs to be brought home. Including a packing list is helpful too, one summer I took pictures of everything we packed and put them in a small album, when my son went to pack up, he looked at the pictures and made sure he had everything.”