Camping Information

Our Vision

Legendary Lodge Catholic Summer Camps provide a uniquely enriching faith formation experience by engaging, equipping, and serving the young disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Camps reflect our diocesan commitment to the development of the every child’s God-given six potentials: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, physical, and social.

Our Summer Theme
This summer at Legendary Lodge campers will engage the words of Christ in Luke 6: 36, “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” Our theme is Merciful like the Father.

To be merciful we must explore the very nature of God’s love for us and the limits of our own ability to love one another. In Scripture, mercy is poured out upon the undeserving and we see the Father’s unconditional love. Our challenge is clear: How do we become a people of mercy?

In addition to Lodge traditions such as daily Mass and youth led prayer experiences, the counselors will focus on Scripture reflections centered around God’s great mercy. The workshops and sessions always include plenty of activity, small group interaction and outdoor elements.

Take the time to review the handbook below (click to view) to get a better sense of the amazing summer that is in store for campers at Legendary Lodge!