Carroll College offers High School Camp, St. Kateri Institute

Service Saturday

Through fun and engaging activities, participants explore academic studies as a contemplative undertaking that contributes to spiritual discernment. This week-long camp culminates with a capstone experience at Yellowstone National Park where participants will reflect on the beauty God’s creation and their roles as Christian leaders in the future.

What Students Will Gain from This Camp

Students will gain an appreciation for the beauty of the creation in which we live, including an ability to see through the false gaps between praying, thinking, and playing!

What Students Will Do at the St. Kateri Institute

  • A guided tour through parts of Yellowstone National Park.  It’s big!
  • Instructional time with Carroll College professors and other experts who know how to make learning interesting.
  • Educational hikes in the natural surroundings of Yellowstone National Park and the greater Helena area.
  • Prayer time grounded in the Daily Office.
  • Video reflections on the days’ activities and their spiritual significance.
  • Daily masses.
  • Down time with Carroll College students.

Our Mission

At the St. Kateri Institute, we seek to enhance the spiritual growth and life experience of high school youth by providing opportunities for:

  • exploring the mutually-informing relationship between faith and reason that is the foundation of a Catholic education;
  • contemplating upon and learning to articulate spiritually complex issues;
  • reflecting upon the roles and responsibilities of members of the Catholic faith
  • considering how faith-based leadership opportunities fit into their unique and personal journeys toward vocational discernment

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